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About Us


MISSION: To bring beauty into everyone's life.

We have been specializing in the highest quality of nephrite jade since 1967 on an international level as the direct manufacturer and importer of jade jewelry and carvings. In recent years, with our strength in providing quality jade products, we have been able to extend our lines to include other very unique and selected semi-prescious stone products to the marketplace. It is the goal of Cassiar Jade to bring beauty into the lives of everyone by continuing to strive towards achieving the highest quality in product and service.

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Charitable Contributions


This web site was created by Cassiar Jade Collection to act as a vehicle of communication supporting conservation of the earth. The polar bear will be our keystone symbol representing all wildlife, people, and lands threatened by global warming.
Global warming is a multi-faceted state of circumstance webbing across political borders, economic barriers, and cultural diversities. It cannot be succinctly and simply represented by any one event.
However, climate change is occurring and it's up to us to save the planet! Cassiar Jade Collection is committed to help. Five percent of our sales revenue from bear carvings are given to various non profit organizations which support research projects that benefit the world's polar bears and educational programs which enlighten the world community about the issues surrounding the polar bear's deteriorating habitat.

Ending Childhood Hunger

Cassiar Jade Collection joins in the efforts to help end Childhood Hunger.

Children have always been the most helpless victims, and today they are suffering from greater socio-economic, political, and environmental stresses. With an eye on the world's children going hungry, and our heart ever grateful for our blessing as a company and as individuals, in September 2008 we created the “Blessing” Collection of jewelry from which 5% of the gross sales will be donated towards ending child hunger. We believe that childhood hunger is a preventable suffering. We hope this collection will encourage and promote greater awareness of this preventable suffering.

Donations will be distributed to non-profit organizations in the United States as well as around the world. With your support, together, we can help end childhood hunger.


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